COVID-19 Senior Center Updates (3/18/2020)


Avon Senior Center- closed indefinitely, no tax appointments per AARP Taxes, not serving lunch, no programs or classes and no events or trips. Building closed and locked to the public. Director will work 3 days in building and 2 days from home for social distancing per Town of Avon.  Admin will work 2 days in building (the 2 days that Director is working from home) in order that staff will not be in building together. Any Organization that booked our Center and/or Community Room through the end of April, the event has been cancelled.



Closed until 3/31 & will be re-evaluated at that time.



Closed to the public from March 16th to April 1st.  We are still providing transportation for routine medical appointments and grocery shopping only.  Staff is assisting seniors to navigate chaos at grocery stores. No Congregate Meals.  Meal delivery is available for those that need it. No AARP Tax Aide. All appointments canceled for remaining of year.  Staff is available by phone only during this time.



Bethany held their St. Patrick’s Day celebration for 70 seniors yesterday. all senior activities are cancelled until further notice.


Bolton Senior Center

Closed to public effective 3/16.  Staff reporting starting 3/18, working remotely 3/16 and 3/17.  Essential transportation only.  Food pantry pick up only.


Bridgeport – Closed effective 3/11/20 (provided by Claire Cote, State of CT)



As of 3/17/20 until further notice the Senior Center building is closed. All activities and classes will be postponed until further notice. We will continue to have Meals on Wheels operate and we will serve Take out lunches Monday through Friday for those who are registered for the Congregate Meal program. Call 860-584-7895 ext. 7114 between 10:00am and 12:00pm to reserve a lunch for the next day, or ext. 7116 for Meals on Wheels. Dial a ride can be used to pick up your lunch if needed. We will re-evaluate as we get closer to the end of the month. Individuals that have any concerns, need assistance in any way, or know of someone who needs assistance, please do not hesitate to call our office at 860-584-7895.



Senior Center is completely closed to public. Our doors are locked but staff is here to answer phones until further notice. No longer holding AARP Taxes or the lunch program. Completely closed and are on reduced hours (10-3) with staggering staff so staff is not all in the office at once. Food pantry is closed and staff preparing bags for clients and placing them outside the Senior Center.




Senior Center is closed until further notice.

Suspended dial-a-ride until further notice



We will begin a ‘grab and go’ lunch Wednesdays & Fridays through CRT, in person congregate senior meals have been cancelled. Can use Dial-A-Ride for lunch/food/shopping/essential medical appointments only. AARP Tax appointments, per AARP, cancelled indefinitely



Cancelled all classes and programs through March 27th. Transportation will be suspended through March 27th.


Colchester Senior Center

Closing its senior center, effective Monday, March 16th.  Staff will continue to report.  Cafe meals will be frozen meal drops for the week, per TVCCA, for individuals who are dependent on our transportation to get in for their lunch meal.  MOW deliveries will continue, as usual.  We will offer transportation services for critical errands only (groceries, medical appointments for routine visits i.e. non-symptomatic individuals).  We will screen all passengers by phone the afternoon before, for potential illness.  All programs, events and trips have been cancelled, for the next two weeks and then assessing and adapting, ongoing.


Columbia’s Beckish Senior Center

Completely closed to the public.  Director working both in and out of office answering phones and making sure homebound seniors have all the necessities to get them thru the next few weeks.




Closed to the Public.  We are doing a drive through food pantry (participants will receive one bag of food). We will deliver food pantry items to seniors. Our transportation is running on a limited basis. We will do our AARP tax appointments for March 16th only. Limited transportation. Appointment only for Human Services and Youth Services.


Darien Senior Programs at Mather Center

CLOSED – Staff is still reporting daily

Drive Thru lunch is being provided for the time being and providing a list with websites and phone numbers to all local restaurants.



Easton- Open (provided by Claire Cote, State of CT)




East Granby

All non-essential activities cancelled until further notice.  This includes exercise programs, blood pressure screenings, trips and lunches.  Essential medical appointments and grocery store transportation continues (transportation is not available to anyone exhibiting any signs of illness).


East Hampton

Senior center is closed until 3/31 then to revise as needed. Staff available by phone

Limited services MOW  Mon-Fri via CRT

Congregate frozen deliveries on Tues and Thursday.

DAR transportation by MAT.


East Hartford

Closed indefinitely starting Monday, March 16th.

We are having dial a ride for groceries and medical appointments only.

Congregate meals will be delivered and are grab and go.

Mow’s delivered as usual.

Staff will be in but building is closed


East Lyme

All Town buildings are closed to the public. We have suspended our Tax-Aide program.

At this point, still delivering MOWs and offering limited transportation.

East Lyme is suspending programs/activities/trips until further notice.

Transportation being offered on a limited basis – groceries and medical. Only 3 passengers at a time.

MOWs still being delivered. Congregate meals – clients who do not drive will be offered a 1 week drop of frozen food.



East Windsor

The East Windsor Senior Center is closed until further notice. We will be delivering boxed lunches as our congregate meals and the staff will be delivering the meals on wheels as well. We will continue with medicals, grocery, and food pantry for transportation and limiting that as well.



Ellington Senior Center

Closed. Limited transportation services only for medical appointments and grocery shopping. Staff will be reporting to work.


Elmwood Senior Center

The Elmwood and West Hartford Senior Centers are closed beginning Monday March 16 with a tentative re-open on March 30.




Closed until further notice. We are still having MOW and instituting a grab-n-go meal system for congregate meal participants that are in need of meals. Staff are still reporting. We have cancelled all programming and special events.




Closed for all activities, including tax prep. Running senior buses this week to the supermarkets (NOT between 6 and 7:30 a.m.) and to medical appointment. Week of March 23, 2020 – no medical appointments. Delivering lunch with buses and social workers to congregate lunch participants, and anyone else who feels at risk and doesn’t have someone bringing food or isn’t able to get to the market. Social workers are also able to do a well-check, while not entering homes. Each week we’ll deliver a bag of shelf-ready food to those receiving lunches. Our local food pantry is working with us on that piece as well. We’re delivering to their homebound clients who can’t get to the pantry.




All of Farmington Senior & Community Center activities canceled until further notice.





Closed indefinitely.  Staff are reporting to the center with some staff working remotely when possible and appropriate.  Dial-A-Ride is operating on a limited basis for grocery shopping and medical apts. We are working on providing a boxed lunch to seniors to be delivered/picked up. Food Pantry will remain open at this time with pick-ups will be done outside with staff putting bags in client’s car trunks. Wellness/socialization calls are being made to seniors identified as most vulnerable. Staff are looking at ways to use technology for seniors to stream and connect with people.



Granby Senior Center Closed indefinitely. Still providing transport for food and medical.


Greenwich – Closed (provided by Claire Cote, State of CT)



Griswold Senior Center is closed, effective Tuesday – 3/17.   Homebound MOW will still be delivered.   Cafe participants who do not drive will receive a frozen drop for the week.  Transportation will be limited.  Staff will report.

These changes are in effect until April 13.







Groton Senior Center is closed indefinitely.  We are providing transportation for medical, shopping and bank runs.  We are also providing grab and go lunches – seniors must call in by 10:30am to order and we take charge card number over the phone.  Then they can pick up meals between 11:30 and 12:30pm.  Limited deliveries for our non-drivers will be done.



All programs and activities cancelled until further notified.



starting Monday, March 16, 2020 there will be no evening meetings held at the Russell Mercier Senior Center until further notice.



Starting 3/16 closed until further notice



Lisbon has cancelled all activities.



Closed yet still doing medical rides.



Closed. Meals on wheels is still taking place as well as curb side meal pickups on Tuesdays (5 frozen meals given)



Madison Senior Center is closing as of Friday, March 13, 2020 at 2pm.  No activities, programs, transportation or lunch, building is closed.  Will continue to provide meals on wheels.


Manchester Senior Center

Closed indefinitely. We are still providing transportation to the grocery store and pharmacy, meal delivery, and meal pickups. Operating a drive-thru lunch program and delivering meals to those who come to lunch using the Senior Center Transportation program.

All of the public buildings in town will be closed at Noon March 17, 2020.




Mansfield has closed our Senior Center, Community Center and Library effective Monday, March 16th for 2 weeks at this point, and will evaluate on an ongoing basis. Our Social Services and Youth Services will be open to respond to essential service needs only. We will be providing Meals-On-Wheels delivery as necessary and very limited medical transportation.





Closed from Wednesday, March 18, to Tuesday, March 31, 2020. Staff will be available by phone. Starting Wednesday, March 18, services will now be limited to daily delivery of a cold lunch to existing daily clients of the Elderly Nutrition Program. Starting Monday, March 23, this service may change to a 5-day frozen meal package. Transportation for essential medical appointment rides.  Social Service appointments will be done only by phone call. No recreation or in-person services will be offered.



The Middlefield Senior Center is closed and programs cancelled until March 27th, medical trips will be provided by our transportation company Middletown Area Transit , and the Food Bank is open.  My office is open to individuals by appointment who need to use the food bank and for Energy Assistance.



All programs with 40+ suspended.  Dividing lunch into 2 waves.


Monroe – Open (provided by Claire Cote, State of CT)


Montville Senior Center

Cancelled all programs and services, including our lunch program, for the next two weeks or until further notice.  Our bus schedule will be modified though we will continue with our medical transportation at this time.


New Canaan – Closed (provided by Claire Cote, State of CT)




New Fairfield

CLOSED for all activities including lunch. Staff is here and available by phone and e-mail.



New London Senior Center

Closed indefinitely. Please call us for assistance: (860) 447 – 5232.

Until further notice: All senior center recreational activities, including excursions are suspended. Non-emergency medical transportation service will continue to be offered as usual. Most essential grocery shopping transportation will be offered. Tax-Preparation Assistance is suspended until further notice. Renters’ Rebate program is suspended until further notice. Senior Food Pantry distribution will continue, as needed.


New Milford

New Milord Senior Center suspended activities and programs except:

Staff is reporting

MOW deliveries

Congregate Meals now delivered as MOW

Transportation for work, pharmacy, non-emergency medical appointments and therapies, grocery stores and food bank



Effective 3/12/2020 all programming and events cancelled. Building closed as of 3/16.  Staff continue to report and are working to meet residents’ needs.



Norwalk – Closed except small group activities (less than 10) (provided by Claire Cote, State of CT)




Rose City in Norwich is closed until further notice.  Staff still reporting.  Still providing limited medical and grocery shopping transportation.  Meals on Wheels will continue to be prepared and delivered out of our center.  5 day frozen meals being delivered to those who generally had lunch here that do not drive per our meal provider TVCCA.


Old Lyme

As normal


Old Saybrook – The Estuary Council of Seniors Inc, in Old Saybrook,

Closed starting March 17th until further notice.

All programs and activities are canceled as all transportation.

Continuing our Meals on Wheels program and offering a “Grab & Go” meal for congregate participants.


Orange Senior Center

Closed  Friday March 13th until further notice. Staff still will report to work. Limited Transportation running and food pantry is open.


Pawcatuck Neighborhood Center

Pawcatuck Neighborhood Center Senior Services closed. Senior Transportation, Food Pantry and MOW open.



The Plainville Senior Center is closed through March 31st, but we will be reassessing as we get closer to that date. Dial-a-Ride is running for medical, shopping, banking only. We are doing “grab & go” meals and staff is home delivering to folks who don’t drive. Senior Center staff is working in the office. Still offering foot care by our APRN by appointment.


Rocky Hill

Effective 3/16/2020 all activities lunch and trips cancelled until further notice



Closed starting 3/14 until further notice



Sherman is doing home delivered meals through the senior dine program CWResources from our local restaurant American Pie. Our staff is picking up meals from the restaurant and delivering meals to clients on Tuesday and Thursdays All trips cancelled.



Cancelled all programs and services at the Senior Center through the end of March.  Senior Center and Social Services staff are still reporting to work.  March 17, 2020: distributing pre-bagged shelf stable food items, toiletries, and gift cards to our food program participants.  We have utilized volunteers to distribute the same to our home bound seniors.  March 18, 2020 distributing our senior center lunch on a to go basis.   All distributions are being done from a pop up drive-through area in our parking lot.  Our Dial-A-Ride is continuing at this time, and is only providing rides to obtain food and for non-sick medical appointments.



Senior Center will be closed until further notice starting March 13, 2020.

Limited Dial A Ride service will be available for emergency medical, in town grocery shopping one passenger at a time as of right now.

Meals on Wheels is delivering as usual.



Effective March 12, 2020 all programs cancelled. Facility locked down to all public on Monday March 16, 2020.  Staff reporting to work and fielding calls and facilitating reach outs. Anyone entering building must call first. VITA tax prep cancelled until further notice. Transportation to medicals and grocery shopping only.  Working closely with Heritage Village (over 55 development with over 2,000 condo units). New Opportunities of Waterbury (our contracted service) working on an emergency meal distribution plan for congregate clients. The plan involves four weekly meal distributions that will be handled by NOW Meals on Wheels volunteers/drivers. Week 1 and 2 will be packs of frozen meals, weeks 3 and 4 will be shelf stable emergency meals. Each pack contains five meals. Any congregate meal client normally served is eligible for these meals. Initially working from lists of clients who dined at NOW Senior Café sites in the last month. Southbury Senior Center told that additional clients could be added later by calling NOW.





Closed to public effective March 16, 2020 at 4:30 pm.  Hope to re-open on Monday, March 30th.  Staff is still reporting and dial-a-ride will provide medical runs only during this time.  We also canceled our St. Patrick’s Day luncheon to be held off-site on Thursday the 19th.  We were expecting approximately 85 people for that event.






Starting 3/12/2020 all programs suspended and as of Tuesday March 17, 2020: The Stamford Senior Center has now been forced to suspend the congregate meal program as of today since the Mayor has closed the government center to visitors.  We are working on transitioning seniors to home delivered.



Stratford – Open (provided by Claire Cote, State of CT)


South Windsor

Closed our Senior Center, Community Center and Library effective Monday, March 16th for 2 weeks at this point, and will evaluate on an ongoing basis. Our Social Services and Youth Services will be open to respond to essential service needs only. We will be providing Meals-On-Wheels delivery as necessary and very limited medical transportation and transportation to grocery shopping.


Tolland Senior Center

Closed Monday March 16th until further notice. Staff still will report to work.


Trumbull – Closed except small group activities (less than 10) (provided by Claire Cote, State of CT)



Closed for 2 weeks starting Monday 3-16-20. With limited transportation (medical) services and AARP Tax appointments only still being provided. Staff is working during this time.



As normal


Windsor Community Center

LP Wilson, the Senior Center, Caring Connection Adult Day Health Center, Recreation & Leisure Services and libraries closed as of Monday, March 16 through, at least, Friday, March 27.  Senior Services will provide CRT home delivered meals to 45 individuals MAX (the # of meals normally allotted by CRT) and will provide medical transportation for essential medical appointments only.  Social Services is also working to assist our residents.




Closed as of 4pm Friday, March 13th, until further notice.



Watertown – Oakville

Closed.  Following the Watertown Public Schools’ schedule and will reopen when the schools reopen scheduled for March 30. Buses running on regular schedule




All programming cancelled until end of March cancelled 2 April trips.


West Hartford Senior Center

The Elmwood and West Hartford Senior Centers closed beginning Monday March 16 with a tentative re-open on March 30.


West Haven

Closed for next two weeks and staff moved to another building


Weston – Closed effective 3/12/20 (provided by Claire Cote, State of CT)



Westport is closed until further notice.  Staff is coming in on staggered shifts. HDM being delivered by staff daily for now. Frozen meals for 5 days going out Monday as an extra safety precautionary should we be totally shut down.  Congregate recipients called and a couple have been added to hdm program.  Wellness calls being made daily. Non-profit in town offering teletherapy for those in need of counseling.


Wilton – Open (provided by Claire Cote, State of CT)




All programs and activities cancelled until further notice. We are able to provide to-go lunches, also van rides for medical appointments and to get food. The office will be open daily.




Woodbridge Town building has now been closed to the public. We are still working but the external doors have been locked and signs have been posted.

Woodbridge has now closed for all tax appointments. We will be distributing non-perishable items from our food pantry to residents. Additionally, we received a large donation of perishable items from the High School (milk, lettuce, tomatoes, etc.) which is also being distributed. Our Tuesday/ Thursday lunch vendor is delivering flash frozen meals to us which we are distributing to our lunch attendees. We’ve instituted a billing system so that our drivers and other staff members do not have to deal with cash at this time.